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Laser Tech is a privately owned business
in Casper, Wyoming dealing exclusively in laser
services. We specialize in laser engraving, cutting
and marking on a variety of materials. Our CO2
lasers are state of the art, and are capable of
producing quality laser engravings unsurpassed
in the industry. Laser Tech is responsible for
engraving the majority of commemorative and
special edition gun stocks in the nation.

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To view more sample laser engraved products
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The Golden Anniversary of Alaska Rifle Special
Edition Marlin 1895 Guide Gun

Join us as we celebrate the Golden Anniversary of Alaska's Statehood. Our Special
Edition Marlin 1895 Guide Gun serves as a proud symbol of your history and
heritage. Each fully functioning firearm is individually numbered and intricately
engraved on the receiver, barrel, and stock. Only 250 Alaska Statehood Golden
Anniversary Guns will be produced. They are offered on a first come, first serve basis.
This is a unique opportunity to own what will surely become a cherished piece of your
family history that you (and your children or grandchildren) can display with pride.


A Tribute to the World War II American Fighting
Spirit Limited Edition M1-Garand
World War II forever altered global history. Courage was redefined by the Americans
called on to defend freedom, and to defy the enemy's unconscious brutality inflicted
upon decent citizens of the world. For U.S. GI's in the trenches, justice had a name:
"M1-Garand". Due to its astonishing power, it is, as General Patton put it, "the
ultimate battle implement".

We pay homage to this magnificent firearm and the men who extinguished the fires
of hell with it. Our "Tribute to the American Fighting Spirit" Limited Edition M1-Garand
is an authentic, working semi-automatic rifle. The walnut stock is laser engraved,
depicting in chronological order, wartime events which shaped our future. WWII
Unit insignia grace either side of the fore-end There is no rifle on earth like the
M1-Garand, and this edition is limited to 50 rifles per state. Special Dedication
Available For The Veteran In Your Family


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